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This site is owned and operated by Localzz, Localzz Media, and Northland Advertising.

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Localzz™, Localzz™ Media, Northland Advertising LLC, with our 1000+ website owned and operated information network provide a wide variety of local information with internet properties. Localzz™ Media is an internet advertising and marketing company focusing on providing local information on a variety of specialty topics for local people. We connect local people with local information. Thus, our name Localzz™ fits us perfectly. Our sites are designed in a simple and structured way. Our goal is to make local information easy to find and post.  We are utilizing a strategy called browse advertising and browse marketing.  Localzz™ provides an easy path or structure for finding local information on the internet. We have numerous options for advertising and marketing local information. Our revenue is generated from listings, postings, display ads, advertising packages (Platinum Advertiser™, Gold Advertiser™, Silver Advertiser™, and Bronze Advertiser™), advertising memberships (Platinum Ad Member™, Gold Ad Member™, Silver Ad Member™, and Bronze Ad Member™), affiliate programs, and other ad programs. This 1000+ site local information network is separated into themed divisions know as MyLocalzz™, Northlandzz™, InformationCEO™,  InformationCFO™, and other smaller divisions. Localzz™has created this network to provide numerous listing and posting options for local information. Our market is most local information.  web-based applications that allow publishers to self-post listings or postings up to 365 days.  We plan to be the destination information network or “The Local Information Network™”. The company is known as Northland Advertising LLC. Localzz™ or Localzz™ Media is headquartered in Minnesota (regionally known as the “Northwoods” or “Northland”).  Localzz™ is privately owned and operated. You can follow us currently on Localzz Blog and Northland Blog.



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